Fibreglass roof SwanseaAllied Roofing’s team of experienced and highly skilled professional tradesmen have been installing fibreglass roofs for customers across Swansea and the surrounding areas of South Wales for many years.  We are always happy to recommend the best roofing system for your property.

A key benefit of GRP Fibreglass is that it can be easily formed into any shape which is ideal for roofs with specific details or shapes.  Some of our clients prefer fibreglass roofing systems due to the look of the finished roof.  GRP Fibreglass has an expected useful life time in excess of 25 years.   It has a tough, tear-resistant surface and a pleasing finish.

When installing a new GRP fiberglass roof we usually remove the original roof covering.  The nature of GRP fiberglass requires that new, clean boards are always installed to ensure the quality of the finished roofing system.

It is essential that GRP fibreglass is installed in dry weather as moisture will spoil the resins if applied in damp conditions.

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